Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sick Food

So I'm sick. Oh, and it's not too nice. It's okay, I have drugs and such, but I'm reduced to eating baby food and lemon-lime soda and clear vegetable broth for the foreseeable future. It's sad-making. I would post a recipe here for something good to eat when you are sick, but there is nothing. At this point I can eat canned green beans and mushrooms and call it a feast, and a cooked noodle is bliss. So! Instead, I'm going to list alllll the yummy things I wish I could eat, but can't.

Peas fresh from the pod
Ripe tomatoes with salt
Pizza crust
Strawberry shortcake
Tofu ricotta
Chocolate-chip cookie
Cucumber sandwich
Chili Mac
Seasoned potato wedges
Tater tots
Buttered toast
Roasted asparagus
Lemony Brussels Sprouts
Cinnamon apples
Mexican rice

... I could keep going. There are so many foods out there and they are so delicious it really only takes a day or two of eating strained bananas and rice to fully appreciate it.


But make it a veggie pizza. Also for me. Because I love you.

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Sharon said...

You poor baby....that was so sad I almost cried. It never seems as bad as when it's you....hey, I love jello and sprite, and chicken noodle soup is yummy....once, maybe twice in a row. And when you're feeding a baby, you have to hold back from eating 3/4 of the jar of bananas they're so good. that is until that is ALL you can eat, and television, your emails, even your kitchen mocks you -things that have gotten no play for months or years....a can of okra, a box of tuna helper from 1998, even a tin of slimy asian mushrooms that you accidentally bought because your kid threw it in the cart when you weren't looking looks like Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, (minus the turkey, of course)....I'm so sorry.....